Accidents and disaster usually happen without warning and can leave you dead in the water.   Backing up critical company data on a daily basis is an important part of maintaining your overall network.

Computer Systems offers a wide variety of backup solutions that are easy and effective.

As part of a disaster recovery scenario, your company should have more than one backup solution in place at all times.

  • On-site backup:
    • Nightly backup of critical company data should be scheduled and running.
  • On-site disaster proof backup:
    • An on-site disaster proof backup solution (such as IoSafe Solo) should be in place an running nightly.  Disaster external hard drive solutions general include a data recovery warranty and can be purchased in several sizes with several different lengths of data recovery service.  
  • Off-site backup:
    • One of the most important things to remember is that having a current copy of your companies data at a secure off-site location can be a life saver.  We over off-site backup solutions to our secure server for a very reasonable price.  Just like other backups, set it up once and let it run (you should check to make sure your backups are running as required from time to time)